Freedom is a very spacious place. Roomy gives you the space to make it an everyday habit. Its modules are designed to contain functional elements and perform everyday operations. The mirror for a quick look before you go out, the television for moments of entertainment, work at the desk, a passion for reading or for music. The opening side doors, drawers and flap doors complete the storage space of the Roomy module. It accommodates functionality in its space and frees other spaces in the house for other uses. The desk in the study area, but also in the sleeping area. The bookcase in the hallway or in the living room. The television and the fireplace integrated in the wall to convey warmth and a sense of company.
The small side doors open to give you more storage and movement space while working on your desk. Thus, your imagination can fly freely over the written or drawn sheets. Afterwards, you can close the doors to hide any clutter. Under the module is the transformer-holding tray for devices to be connected to your computer The storage spaces for books are divided by partition shelves that give movement to the module. The small side doors open up to contain objects or easily accommodate them. When closed, they maintain the aesthetically clean lines of the module. Thanks to the open-front garment module you can tidily put away clothes worn during the day instead of leaving them strewn around the home: in the chair, on the bed or on the armchair.
Completely made in Italy. Sustainable design at its best.

Available in a wide range of sizes, materials, colours and finishes.

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