The aluminium frame containing the glass gives stability to the swing opening. The door transparency makes visible the interior where the glass shelves create a harmony of reflections. The swing-opening module can be single or double leafed. The glass frame version gives the module a precious and elegant look. Freedom to compose the interior with several proposals. Drawers, shelves, drawers with glass tops, grids between shelves with trays, shelf cover in easy leather.

A mechanism of levers and hinges allows the movement of the door: it comes out of its seat and then re-enters and folds up. The transparency of the glass increases the aesthetic value of the module. You can organize the interior of the module and express your taste. From clothing to food: this is the multi-purpose system of our wardrobes.

Completely made in Italy. Sustainable design at its best.

Available in a wide range of sizes, materials, colours and finishes.

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