Everything depends on space, just like in interactions between individuals:not too close, but not too far. In harmony.
A furnishing solution is not good or bad itself: it depends on the context, on the location and, above all, on the people who experience it.
When we design a room, we recreate the emotions and ideas that are important to us, hoping that they will be appreciated by others.
Because design has nothing to do with elite culture, but daily life and everyday things.

Original solutions inspired by absolute practicality.
The Way kitchen breaks with traditional schemes in the kitchen, opting for exciting, creative solutions and redefining measurements and sizes to manage to unify kitchen and living room in unprecedent and customisable spaces.

Living in the kitchen
Ever-attentive to the latest furnishing trends, Way offer an articulated system of open storage solutions allowing for infinite combinations to create fluid and shared ambiances.

Lightness and materials: an option of great visual value.
Lightness and rhythm mark out the design of Way: The new recessed plinth 23 cm tall makes for original games on compositions combined with an infinite wealth of material customisations.

Open cabinets, maximum composition versatility
The new open storage system for living area with the coated aluminium structure enables a carefree integration of the kitchen and living ambiances.

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