Orange Evolution

A proposal that explores the possible stylistic definition of colours and materials.
Simple materials are combined together to convey elegant aesthetics featuring bright surfaces and colour graphic art: a contemporary style that offers primary volumes and gentle chromatic combinations.

Details with a major graphic impact: external influences and materials research are the common denominators of this system, designed for the lovers of sobriety without compromising on colour.

The handle consists on a profile-handle integrated in the door’s thickness and available in 8 painted colours.

Base and tall units: floating effect. The inclusion on the bases of a recessed plinth 23 cm tall successfully recreates the suspended effect, whilst at the same time ensuring better ergonomics in the use of the operative area of the kitchen.

Living solutions: ever-attentive to the latest furnishing trends, Orange Evolution offers an articulated system of open storage solutions allowing for infinite combinations to create fluid, shared ambiances.


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