According to an ancient legend, the Calla flower, known for its beauty and whiteness, originated in the Garden of Eden. The tears of the disobedient Eve, expelled from Paradise, fell to the ground and from them the elegant Calla flower was born.
This collection draws inspiration from the movement of a falling tear of the first woman, Eva and from the first colour of nature: green.
Elegant and sinuous lines trace the path by drawing moving drops that become stems. From each of them comes a calla, which turns towards the sky, in search of the lost light. This tension is reinforced by the graphic sign of the hyperbola, from which all the elements of Eve originate. A trait that always tends to infinity by its nature, without ever reaching it.
Thus a chandelier and a floor lamp are born, which thanks to the skill of its master glassmakers, laMurrina transforms into a masterpiece of elegance and purity.

LaMurrina, authentic Murano glass tradition. From Venice to London.

Hand made in Italy.

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