Elie Saab Collection

A new chapter that represents the transformation towards the future in the already far-sighted history of Zambaiti Parati  company, which presents the new Contract division, a design excellence that speaks of design, innovation and creativity in collaboration with internationally renowned architecture studios and designers.
An unique design and production path, which differs from any collection currently on the market, with the aim of proposing each creative theme, tailored and modulated for each decorative support on multiple surfaces.

A technological preeminence and the capability to create innovation as a factor of success allowed Zambaiti Parati to gain international reputation and to boast licenses and collaborations with relevant brands on the fashion and automotive market; with them the company carries on an exchange of ideas and concepts for the creation of unique products.

Stemming from the well-known Lebanese designer’s desire to work on creating an interior atmosphere of luxury, the collaboration with the creative team of Zambaiti Parati under the artistic direction of Elie Saab generates wallcoverings inspired by the brand’s Haute Couture exclusive creations.

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