The Cl252 lamps were designed taking note of natural forms. They resemble clouds that capture the first changing rays of morning sun, or treetops filtering the play of light and shadows. Cl252 is a series of shapes fit together to create a perfect balance of reflections and transparencies. All of the available versions marry aesthetics with functionality, featuring a magnetic anchoring system, connecting them to the ceiling (for the suspensions and applique) or the metal base (for the table and floor lamps).

-Mama Non Mama:

Who hasn’t held a daisy in their hands, repeating, “loves me, loves me not”? Mama Non Mama is a suspension inspired by nature’s purity; this bouquet’s light, delicate petals bring a soft breeze of balanced allure into any interior. Mama Non Mama is an ode to joy, femininity, primordial love, and pure emotion, handcrafted from interlocking Cristalflex® petals.


What would happen if a Greek nymph was suddenly transported to the digital age? The collection is covered in pixels! A high-tech pattern in soft tones spread across the lamp’s supple shapes.

If the red cable does not match your space, we will give you a transparent cable.

Hand made in Italy.

The Collection is available in a wide range of colours and sizes, suspension, table (battery or cable) and applique.

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