Modules without doors, but with upright. Without top cover, but with bottom underneath. It’s the series where everything is within sight. For those who have nothing to hide and everything to put on show. They can do this thanks to the two Cabina modules: linear and corner. And the Cabina modules are open spaces for all to see. The aesthetics of the wall is all in the details of the materials and finishes. It is expressed with light reflections on the glass and on the walnut wood and with the chromatic combinations of the back panel. The inclusion of the island in the composition for the night area. The Core glass frame door module combined with the Cabina modules. Add all the accessories: the trouser rack, the grid between shelves, the hangers, the shoe shelves. The lights are positioned on the back of the upright; the lighting is reflected in the surrounding environment. The freedom to configure the Cabina composition with any equipment to make it exactly as you like it: the drawer unit with glass top, the grids between the shelves, the hangers and shoe shelves.

Completely made in Italy. Sustainable design at its best.

Available in a wide range of sizes, materials, colours and finishes.

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