A period of great vitality, full of innovations and positivity, in which a brilliant and artistically intense life was led. This is the Belle Époque, the inspiring principle that gives the name to the collection designed by Adriana Lohmann for laMurrina.
But Belle Époque is not a static product anchored in history: it is a transversal game between different eras and environments, between design and fashion, with vintage references but with a contemporary and minimalistic design.

A square and a rectangle, softened by rounded corners and a relief pattern, come together and multiply through a jewelled bracelet, in hammered metal. Essential but at the same time refined basic elements, they generate a chandelier that compares nineteenth-century flavours with the demands of modernity, in a luxury without compromising form and materials.

LaMurrina, authentic Murano glass tradition. From Venice to London.

Hand made in Italy.

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